You Can Indulge While You Fight The Bulge!

At some point in our lives, we have all wanted to lose some weight, Usually, the first thing that needs to make its way out of our diet is Alcohol. It’s usually enough to turn a frown upside down. However, there is good news!You may still be able to go to meet your friends for a drink after all! There are drinks that you can have without piling on the calories! Get ready for the big reveal of the best alcohol for diet.

So before we let you in on the secret, let us tell you the big offenders when it comes to drinking and weight loss. These drinks will make that hour in the gym a total waste of time.

Beer Belly

Regular Beer is certainly not the best alcohol for diet. It is made of barley and hops which gives it a high carbohydrate content and is the main contributor to belly fat and bloating. A pint may be the most refreshing thing on a hot day, but your summer body may be a distant dream if you continue to indulge.

Wine O’clock

I am speaking to the wine lovers. As you may have guessed wine has a high sugar content. If you down that bottle while watching your favorite show, you will pay the price. While a dry wine may have fewer calories than a demi-sec or sweet wine, it may be advisable to avoid them altogether.

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Light Beer Anyone?

You may be wondering but wasn’t been a definite no? Well, manufacturers have been seriously breaking into the light beer market with huge success. Fewer calories and still all that awesome beer goodness after work on a Friday.

The Winner

The undisputed winner of the best alcohol for diet is Vodka. It seems basic, doesn’t it? If you are into hard liquor, a vodka and soda may be just the drink to take the edge off while you watch those calories. The vodka has a low-calorie count and the soda water is calorie free, I promise.

So while you work on your best body, you can indulge. You just have to make wise choices. Good Luck choosing the best alcohol for the diet!

Written by: Adessa

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