Been dreaming of watching the world cup live and have a chance to see your idols in person and to take our ultimate selfies? But then again you are having a hard time in acquiring the ticket? Well, this article is best suited for you. Here are some tips that how FIFA’s ticket system works and it would surely enable you to acquire tickets and clear your way to the next world cup.

Apply for a Fan-ID.
If you already have a fan ID it would be easier for you to look for a ticket anywhere.

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Make sure to buy the tickets during the last minute sale.
Even the most expensive VIP tickets went on sale. All you have to do is to be updated with the FIFA web page for mostly VIP tickets went on sale during the last minute.

Acquire regular tickets.
Regular tickets for the world cup are being sold by scheduled phases. For example in Phase 1, first come first serve basis is on November 16-30. Just watch out for the period they post it in advance.

Use Microsoft Edge browser in purchasing the tickets.
It worked better compared to other browsers because others tend to crash due to the number of the visitors to the webpage.

Watch for the Sales phase.
After the random selection draws just be aware that few days from it is the first come first serve basis of the ticket sale.

Last minute phase sale.
During this period it would be the first come first serve leftover tickets which sometimes includes VIP tickets it starts by the middle of April and up to the end of the tournament.

Save in advance for the tickets.
Do not wait for the tickets release before you started looking for money to buy the ticket because most of the time it did not work that way because the tickets are quite expensive.

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